In our postmodern world the defense of the correct Gospel is of great importance. Paul the Apostle deals with a false Gospel in Galatians. (Galatians 1:6-9)

The same threat which Paul the Apostle faced, is being faced today, according to John D Payne, The Gospel is a manifestation of God’s grace, His favor that is poured without the slightest reference to their merit. Merit is identified by Paul the Apostle as works (Romans 4:1-2).

Paul the Apostle goes on to remind us that God’s love was working in our lives while we were still sinners.

Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.

We must always remember that a sinner is under God’s judgment and wrath. This language is obnoxious to postmodern thinking.
So often the threat towards a false doctrine comes from within the church. According to J.V Fesko part of the reason for Paul’s alarm
in Galatians is evident, no doubt, that this threat to the Gospel has come from within the church – demons dressed as angels, Martin Luther describes the danger of such a threat:

Here let’s learn to recognize the trick and craft of the Devil. A heretic does not come with the label of “Error” or “Devil” nor does the Devil himself come in the form of a Devil. In fact even the Devil, who impels men to acts of evil, provide them with a covering for the acts they perpetrate or intend to perpetrate. In his fury the murderer does not see that murder is as great and horrible a sin as it is, in fact because He has a covering for it. Lechers (disguising interest) thieves, covetous men, drunkards and the like, have the means to flatter themselves and cover up their sins. Thus the Devil always emerges in the disguise and covering of all his works and tricks. But in the spiritual area,where Satan emerges in guise of an angel or even God himself, there he puts himself forward in very sly pretense and amazing tricks. He peddles his deadly poison as the doctrine of grace, the Word of God, and the Gospel of Christ. This is why Paul calls the doctrine of the false apostles and ministers of Satan a “Gospel” representing “a different Gospel”.

So what is the solution? We as children of God must learn to discern what the true Gospel is and what a false Gospel is. How does one do this? By studying the doctrines of the Bible. I remember when I studied Soteriology (the doctrine of Christ) the professor just passed me. Not being satisfied with the grade, I asked the professor why my grade was so low, and his reply was rather interesting. He said that most Pastors in ministry fail the course the first time round. This was not a comfort to me. As a minister of the Gospel I should know Christology.